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    About a year ago, I started talking about trading Futures as a way to both increase income and hedge against global news events (since futures trade overnight)…

    My specific favorite is the 30-Year US Treasury Bond followed by the 10-Year US Treasury Note… By far the 30 Year Bond is my favorite – because of the way it TRENDS making it much simpler to maximize profits. The other reason, is that with a few minor adjustments – it pattern trades beautifully using the MACD Divergence and the Moving Averages we already apply.

    I’ve been asked by quite a few of you to do a workshop on trading the Bonds – to simplify and shorten the learning curve… I’ve been working on it – and it is ready for you now!

    I’ll be doing a 3 Session Workshop (including at least one live trading session) the first week of May. This Workshop is NOT AVAILABLE through Magenta Trader. I’ll know the exact dates and times once I get some input from those of you who sign-up early… My intention is to keep the class size small so I can take advantage of using both an open chat room and an open microphone for sharing and live Q & A…

    If you have any questions please send them to: sueZmacD@gmail com

    If you want to enroll – pricing and refund details are available here: mailto:sueZmacd@gmail.com?subject=FuturesWorkshop


    The Workshop will be delivered using thinkorswim. While there are other futures platforms, my intention is to always teach from ONE platform to minimized any learning challenges. There is one PARTICIPANT REQUIREMENT for enrolling – it is, that you already have a working knowledge of the MACD Divergence / Moving Averages-Pitchfork as I teach it. This is not designed to be a MACD Divergence Workshop – on the contrary – it is a FUTURES: BOND Trading Workshop.

    I’m prepping some pre-workshop videos now that will be sent to those of you who sign-up – these videos will offer a solid foundational overview. I’ve also attached a couple print screens of last week’s BOND trades below.

    Why I love trading the BONDS –

    – This is a great time – BOND ATRs are attractive
    – The risk VS reward is very easily controlled
    – There are NO GREEKS (theta / delta / etc) – no need for MOMENTUM
    – There are NO SEC rules around the number of day trades made in a futures account
    – There can be signigicant tax benefits – and year end accounting is minimal
    – There are a variety of BONDS to trade at varying prices – we’ll look at several during class
    – They can be traded with a fairly small account

    CAUTIONS (all this will be thoroughly covered in class – BOND BASICS) –

    – There can be unlimited risk in trading futures (YOU MUST USE STOPS – and UNDERSTAND how they work)
    – They are best traded from a DOM – thinkorswim calls this: ACTIVE TRADER (a tab on the right side of a chart)
    – It takes practice in paper to become comfortable – no work around for this!
    – BONDS react to certain major events – we’ll discuss these
    – Futures accounts have MARGIN requirements that differ by broker

    All sessions will be recorded and available to download / replay shortly following each session.

    Again – This Workshop is NOT available through Magenta Trader – if you have an interest please click the link below and you’ll be sent an invoice for $297 and refund details – fully refundable within 30 days of completing the workshop. If you decide you have no interest after receiving the invoice – simply delete it….

    Link: mailto:sueZmacd@gmail.com?subject=FuturesWorkshop

    The two recent trades shown below represent good solid winning trades. In fairness – some days when the bond is choppy I am happy to make $125 – $250 per trade (or I sit out). I never risk more than $125-$156 per trade. So, consistent with my options trading – I am risking one to make one – – – or one to make two – – – sometimes one to make 10+….. I NEVER risk 3 to make one….. Hope this helps! Keep watching the Futures area of the Google Group for more postings from those of us trading the Bonds…..

    REMEMBER – trading FUTURES has potentially UNLIMITED RISK – you can lose MORE than the amount in your account!!! PLEASE – be careful when trading Futures / BONDS and definitely stay in your paper account until you are consistent and understand how they change in relationship to the overall market! The 30-Year Bond has a very different price action than the Dow or the Euro or Gold… Some days the market moves in harmony – most days it does not! Most professional Futures Traders Specialize in ONE or TWO instruments. I decided last year to take the time to specialize in the BOND!

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    Hello Sue,
    Please sign me up for your FUTURES: BOND Trading Workshop. I started from scratch when I joined your Web99 and MacD Pro groups years ago and have really gotten a lot out of both. I look forward to learning another way to work with this market. Thanks to you I finally got to put my art degree to good use. Pattern recognition.
    Gayle Sterling

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