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    I was still in Tucson when I put on this trade on WFM on 3/29 and have been meaning to post it ever since, but the journey back home and then getting caught up got in the way. Anyway, after what happened today, I thought I better, as it was such a good pattern and was such an easy one to watch and take based on the W, D and 60 min that we have been so focusing on in these sessions for the last couple of months.
    The reason I have WFM on my list is because I’ve traded it previously for various reasons. As you can see, the M, W and Daily were showing strength, consolidating with decent upside divergence. So I just started watching the Hourly and after about a week I was sure we were going to get a cross of the 8 and 10. Then I also checked the 15 minute. I put on the position on 3/29 when I was sure of the cross.
    Now the always hard part – when to take the profits. Late last week, the 15 minute looked like it was running out of steam, so I closed 70% of my position. But, happily I decided to hold onto the other 30% just to see how long it would run – and then today happened……
    I guess the charts and patterns really do know something..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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