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    Here is a start-up JULY Opportunity Worksheet that I’d like to stare —- I’m about half-way through JULY tickers…. Decided to post this partial so you can see one approach to organizing this effort…. I’m long both SMH and WDC —– SMH has seasonality and WDC is part of this group with an interesting bottoming pattern on the Weekly chart – see attachments….

    Above Peter has shared a great approach to finding reversals, and Jeff has shared a Don Kaufman video regarding the value of closely following the SPY (ES or SPX) —– hope all this is helpful….

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    Thx Sue. WDC W chart looks very interesting. And with strong support on the D. I have an Alert set to see if it flags back to the 8 on the D.

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    Hi Peter – good decision – I typically take profits after a gap up like the one on Monday – (I definitely follow the “off the 8ema / back to the 8ema”) guideline…. So I locked in most of my position at the gap — and am sitting on just a very small runner as I watch it try to reload… The same is true with WDC / MU…. HSY is a perfect example of trying to trade (seasonality short) against a strong up trending market: if you’re gonna do it – start out in paper OR just take one contract with longer expiration date…. AND —– be prepared to honor your RISK RULES!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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