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    About a year ago, I started talking about trading Futures as a way to both increase income and hedge against global news events (since futures trade overnight)…

    My specific favorite is the 30-Year US Treasury Bond followed by the 10-Year US Treasury Note… By far the 30 Year Bond is my favorite – because of the way it TRENDS making it much simpler to maximize profits. The other reason, is that with a few adjustments – it pattern trades beautifully using the MACD Divergence and the Moving Averages we already apply.

    I’ve been asked by quite a few of you to do a workshop on trading the Bonds – to simplify and shorten the learning curve… I’ve been working on it – and it’s ready for you now!

    I’ll be doing an INDEPENDENT Workshop (3 sessions – including one live trading session) the first week of May (NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH MAGENTA TRADER) — I’ll know the exact dates and times once I get some input from those of you who will want to attend… My intention is to keep the class size small so I can take advantage of using both an open chat room and an open microphone for sharing and live Q & A…

    The details should be posted later today – both here and in the Google Group… Please be sure to sign up using the link that will be posted here in the Advanced MACD website – or contact me if you have questions at: sueZmacD@gmail.com… As promised, as an Advanced MACD member you will be receiving a discounted rate for the workshop…

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    March 28, 2016: Here’s a look at what the Bonds did for the pre-market and AM trades. 2 trades $468.75= “Happy Snoopy Dance”
    Done before Eastern doldrums.

    Bottoming action on the 60 min, Pitchfork—cross of 8,21,34 EMA’s and 50 SMA imminent

    Triple bottoming on 15 min with “coiling” divergence plus Pitchfork setup squeezing of Moving Averages

    Trade 1 pre-market 3 min divergence plus Pitchfork resolution to 4 tick first target 162 ’28

    Trade 2 AM trade 3 min diver continues, all MA’s stacked and Pitchfork resolution UP out of resistance level
    of Flagging before Pitchfork.

    Exit on “bulge” away from 21 ema/rollover topping formation of MACD, 162 ’12 exit

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      Correction: Exit on “bulge” away from 21 ema/rollover topping formation of MACD, 163 ’12 exit

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      The Happy Snoopy Dance was seen on the East Coast today as well.
      I was in the same trades as Eminimom, but not as well executed.
      I had 4 trades for a total of 16 ticks = $500.
      All told – a very happy day.

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      OK – here is the schedule for the Bond Workshop ——

      There are 3 sessions in May + a live trading bonus session in June or July — once everyone is more settled —– we’ll set the BONUS date around everyone’s summer schedule

      Tuesday, May 3 from 12:30 Pacific Time – 3 pm Pacific —- this session is post market so people won’t be distracted — this is the info session

      Wednesday, May 4 starting at 6 AM Pacific Time —- will probably last 3 hours and we’ll really focus on watching the bond move in relationship to the market based on Tuesday’s info…. Really taking our time to unveil the “character” of the bond’s price action.

      Thursday, May 5 – same time as above —- ALTHOUGH I’ll likely open the room earlier when I get up and get started for those who want to join me before the official workshop starts —– this will be the application day — Paper Accounts will be fine – no need to have a funded live account for this session… All sessions will be recorded for you to practice – and there will be ongoing follow-up in the Futures Forum…

      Again, to make sure everyone is up and running —- I’ll run a Bonus live trading day (similar to Thursday’s schedule later in the summer) We’ll schedule this around vacations and the overall market!

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